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Starz Regionals 2021 (Apr 15, 2021 to Apr 18, 2021)

Starz Nationals 2021 (June 16th to June 20th 2021)

Update From Starz – 5/15/20

Due to the ever changing nature of information pertaining to COVID-19, we have some new updates to share. With each city/state opening up we are in a holding pattern to see the outcome. States are implementing guidelines that will need to be followed once convention centers and schools are allowed to open. Due to the unknown reschedule dates will not be updated until we can confirm that the hosting venue will be allowed to proceed.

We hope to have more information in the near future. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.

The following locations will be rescheduled;

Dubuque IA – Green Bay WI – Sioux Fall SD – Monticello Mn – Fargo ND – Chicago IL

We are working with each of the venues to confirm a later date and we will share that information when it becomes available. As things move forward we will be updating the studios via email, as well as posting to the news link on our website and social media platforms.

Starz Dance Competition 2020 Rule Changes

Starz Dance Competition 2020 CHANGES

New Starz
Seniors are now eligible to compete at the New Starz level. Dancers should have less than 2 years competition experience and 2 hours or less dance classes per week.

Rising Starz & Starz Rule Change
Starting this 2020 season, Rising Starz group routines will have a 20% ratio automatically applied at registration. This means if a Rising Starz group routine consists of more than 20% Starz level dancers, the routine will not be allowed to register at the Rising Starz level, instead, this routine must compete at the Starz level. We at Starz Dance Competition are happy to announce this new change and we believe this will help us to continue providing a fair competition experience. Each season we continue to improve and better this competition using all the feedback we have received over our 30 year history as a competition.
8 (RS) Dancers, 2 (S) Dancers – Rising Starz Large Group – 20% acceptable
8 (RS) Dancers, 3 (S) Dancers – Starz Large Group – 27% must compete up
22(RS) Dancers, 5 (S) Dancers – Rising Starz Line – 18% acceptable
22(RS) Dancers, 6 (S) Dancers – Starz Line – 21% must compete up
Do not worry, the online registration will automatically prevent a routine from being added at the incorrect level.
Thank you all for your understanding and we look forward to an incredible season!

Standout Dancer
We are excited to announce that the top 2 highest scoring Rising Starz Soloist from each studio are now eligible to be selected as Standout Dancers.

Starz Dance Competition asks that you always enter dances at the appropriate level (NS,RS,S) with the highest level of integrity, and thus allowing for a fair competition. If it comes to our attention that a dancer or a routine is purposefully competing down a level, we reserve the right to take suitable action, i.e., adjudicated score, ineligible for High Point, correcting level (NS to RS, RS to S), including disqualification.

Grand National Rule Changes

Grand National Finals 2019


The Grand National Finals will begin on Sunday June 16th

We will be starting with the Solo & Duo/Trio Shootout. The top 3 highest scoring Starz Solos and top 3 highest scoring Duo/Trios will compete against each other in this year’s Grand National Shootout.

 The Mini, Preteen, Teen and Senior (excluding adults), will get the opportunity to re-compete their routine in a randomly chosen order in front of all 6 National judges.  The top 3 highest scoring Rising Starz level solos and duo/trios from Mini, Preteen, Teen and Senior (excluding adults) will also re-compete in front of all 6 National judges. Each studio is only allowed to have one routine in each age division at each level. This spectacular Shootout will start at 8:00am and will feature the best of the Solos & D/T’s that the Nationals have to offer. Awards will be given to all Shootout routines. The award ceremony will take place after all Solos & D/T’s have competed at both levels.

*If a dancer from the same studio qualifies in both a solo and a duo/trio the studio will be allowed time to accommodate for a costume change (not to exceed 10 mins).

The final event of the competition will be the amazing Grand National Finals for the group routines. The top 4 Starz level mini, pre-teen, teen and senior groups will have the chance to re-compete for the titles of Mini Grand National Champion, Pre-teen Grand National Champion, Teen Grand National Champion, and Senior Grand National Champion. The top 4 Rising Starz groups for each level will also be given the opportunity to re-compete using the same format as the Starz level. This will give your dancers the possibility of once again performing the dances they have been working so hard on all year long. Each studio is only allowed to have one routine in each age division at each level. The results will be based on the highest scores from small groups and large groups.

Production and Line Shootout. The Three highest scoring production routines at both the Starz & Rising Starz level will re-compete to be the Grand National Production Champions. The three highest scoring line routines at the Starz & Rising Starz levels will also re-compete and become the Grand National Line Champions!

Dancers winning the high points in the categories of small group, large group, lines and production are encouraged to stay until they are informed of the qualifying results for Sunday’s Grand Nationals.

However, winning 1st over-all high point does not necessarily mean your routine will be in the finals. It could be bumped out by another routine in a different category of the same age. For example: If Studio A has a mini small group that wins 1st place high-point with a score of 292.15 but later the same studio has a mini large group that does not win a highpoint but has a score that is higher, the mini large group from Studio A bumps the small group from Studio A even though the small group was ranked higher in its category. Only 4 dances from the Starz level and 4 from the Rising Starz level in the mini division are chosen for the Grand National Groups regardless if they are a small group, large group. This is the same for pre-teen, teen, and seniors.

Studios that have more than one routine that qualifies in each age group for the Grand National Groups may choose which routine will advance(highest qualifying is always recommended).

As each age group finalizes the Grand National information will update. The Grand Nationals Solo & D/T’s Shootout will begin at Sunday at 8:00am and immediately following the Shootout there will be an awards. Our Stand-Out Dancer routine will open up this Spectacular event at 12:45pm prior to the Start of the Grand National Groups. The Grand National Group Finals will begin at 1:00pm and finish by 5:45pm.

All dancers and parents are encouraged to stay and watch the show even if they are not participating. The top Rising Starz and Starz routines of the Grand National Finals will win a trophy. The Overall Highest Score for the week will win a $500 cash prize. We are excited to have this special event that will include our Rising Starz dancers in both the Shootout and the Grand Nationals this year. The New Starz Level does not qualify for the Grand Nationals.

These events are a wonderful way for studios to support one another and for dancers to cheer each other on!

On behalf of all of us at Starz we want to wish all the dancers the best of luck and hope this year’s event will be one to always remember.

Good Luck to you and See you in the Wisc Dells!!

Compete for the Title! Bring your best solos to win Miss/Mr Starz!

Winners will be awarded an exclusive title jacket
with special recognition on our Facebook page and their photos will be featured in our nationals program.

Dancers must register at least two Starz level solos to be eligible at regional competitions.
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New Mailing Address

Starz Dance Competition has moved locations! So please mail all materials now to:

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