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Standout Dancers

What Are Standout Dancers?

Dancers that especially impress the judges are selected at each one of our Regional events. They are awarded a Standout Dancer Lanyard and are invited to come to our Nationals to work with a professional choreographer on a production number that opens up our Grand National Groups on the last day of the competition!

When will rehearsals be?

Generally, each age group will have two 1-2 hour rehearsals throughout the week and one longer rehearsal the night before the performance to practice with all age groups on the stage. We build the schedule as best as we can so that rehearsals do not interfere with the dancers’ competing times. A big majority of the choreography is sent out ahead of time to learn via videos so rehearsals can focus on staging.

What style of dance will the performance be?

The choreography will primarily be Jazz, but may have sections of other styles like Tap, Hip Hop, or Contemporary throughout. Dancers are encouraged to bring all their shoes in case they are placed in other parts of the dance.

Does it cost anything to participate?

No, it does not cost anything for the dancers to participate. They do have an option of ordering a $5 Standout Dancer T-shirt to wear during the performance. Payment for shirts is paid upon pick up when the dancers check in as a standout dancer at the event.

Choreography Videos


Sections In Order: Lights, Blinded by the Lights, Lighter, Neon Lights, Kill the Lights.

Neon Lights Section

Neon Lights 1:

Neon Lights 2:

Neon Lights 3:

Neon Lights 4:

Neon Lights 5:

Neon Lights 6:

Kill The Lights Section

Kill The Lights 1:

Kill The Lights 2:

Lighter Section

Lighter 1:

Lighter 2:

Lighter 3:

Lighter 4:

Blinded Section

Blinded 1:

Blinded 2:

Blinded 3:

Blinded 4:

Blinded 5:

Blinded 6:

Lights Section

Lights 1:

Lights 2:

Lights 3:





2024 Standout Dancer Choreographer:

Stephanie Knudson

Tap Section: Molly Moon