2022 Top Starz Videos


Upcoming Workshops

Wisconsin Dells Workshop

Routine #139 – “Girlfriend” from Veracity Dance Project

Cedar Rapids Workshop

Routine #75 – “Enrapture” from Robert Thomas Dancenter

Monticello, MN (February)

Routine #479 – “Trapped” from DelMonico Dance

St. Louis, MO

#231- “The Bad Shawties” from NiMoli Studio

Des Moines, IA

Routine #601 – “Heart Cry” from Devine Dancers

Davenport, IA

Routine #422 – “Burn” from Debut Dance

Duluth, MN

#463 “Wonderful” from Zumbrota Dance Studio

Omaha, NE

#182 “Come Together” from Arena Dance Academy

Dubuque, IA

#174 “Falling Up” from Xtreme Dance

Sioux Falls, SD

#25 “Got It” from Marshall Academy of Dance

Cedar Rapids, IA

#273 “Insomnia” from Dubuque Dance Studio and Gymnastics Club

Wisconsin Dells, WI

#402 “Belly Dancer” from Power of Dance

Monticello, MN (April)

#604 “Green Light” from Project 52 Dance Company

Fargo, ND

#469 “My Mind” from Red River Dance

Chicago, IL

#350 “River Deep” from Center Stage-Aspire Dance Company